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Studio 1555 powers on for exactly 10 seconds, then "lights out"

I have what was a good working laptop. then out of nowhere, going to start it, so i see the system load bar going from left to right and before it gets to the end, powers off.  did the usual trouble shooting but here is the final one:

removed the HDD, WiFi card, PCMCIA module, CD Drive and left only RAM:  try to enter BIOS, but while the load is faster and complete and then brings BIOS screen, it still shuts down in exactly 10 seconds.  with or without battery, on battery or on power.  all the same.

Removed the RAM - get beeps.

Tested the HDD - fully functional.

placed the RAM one at a time on different sockets - the same.


any ideas??????

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Re: Studio 1555 powers on for exactly 10 seconds, then "lights out"


Thanks for elaborating the issue.I would suggest you to check the system by removing the hard drive, optical drive and use only 1 RAM card, now try to boot system into BIOS by tapping F2 key.If the system shuts down, might be a system board issue.

Please send me the system Service Tag and name under whom the system is registered in a private message.

I am sending you a private message, please click on my name highlighted in blue. On the next page, click the envelope icon and provide the system’s Service Tag and contact information so I may access your system records.

Please reply to my private message.

Thanks and Regards
Priyanka S

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