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Studio 1558 Screen Replacement Issue

Hello everyone!

Last week I was on vacation and my screen got cracked so my grandfather called and got it replaced. We opted to install it ourselves since the computer's warranty had expired and it would have cost a fortune that a poor college girl like me can't afford. We found a video on youtube and followed its exact instructions and were able to get the screen up and running along with the webcam. The problem is the screen is tinted blue and none of the control panel/resolution options have helped to fix it. Also everything appears to be super zoomed out. The names for my icons and the pictures themselves are tiny and very pixelated. I have also tried fiddling with the resolution and the size of the words and icons for this and that didn't work. Even the log in screen for windows is small and zoomed out along with my internet browser. Has anyone had this problem or know how to fix it?

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Re: Studio 1558 Screen Replacement Issue

Can you post any pictures on ImageShack for instance?

I will put my fingers on your laptop to make you happy:> Dell Studio 1737, E8435 put together by myslef...love it...esteepc

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