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Studio 1558 Windows 7 Ultimate Network Freezing

I was forced to reinstall windows due to what I have seen called the black screen of death. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Screen_of_Death#Later_versions_of_Windows

However, I couldn't find my original copy of windows 7 home and premium so instead  used an extra copy of windows 7 ultimate that my neighbor had. 

I did have my drivers disc, so I was able to get everything except for the network adapter. For some reason none of the ones on the disc would work, so I had to download the broadcom wireless lan adapter.

Now, I am having this problem,

The laptop itself doesn't freeze, but everything associated with the network and sharing center does. Such as, it will say I have full connection, but their won't be an internet connection. If I try and open the Network and Sharing center, it never gets anywhere. Also, right clicking on the icon in the system tray leads to nothing. I should also mention that I also can not save anything, such as word or notepad, without the files becoming corrupt. To top it all off, it then requires a hard shut off in order to fix the problem. When trying to do it maually, it freezes on the "Shutting Off..." screen.

I'm willing to provide whatever information is neccessary, simply let me know what needs to be seen, please.

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