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Studio 1558 overheating


I have bought studio 1558 a few months ago. My specs are:

i5-540M processor


ATI Radeon HD5470 1GB Graphic card(1080p resolution)

Creative X-fi sound card

9-cell battery


I am facing a very big overheating problem. The temperature of processor becomes 98-99 degree celcius on 60-70% Load. Temperature of hard drive becomes 55-57 degree celcius. Temperature of graphic card also becomes 70-80 degree celcius.Touchpad and other outer surface of laptop also becomes very hot. I  always use my laptop by placing on a table. I request you to provide me a solution to this problem. I have contacted Dell so many times but I have not received any support from them.

I would be highly thankful to you.

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Re: Studio 1558 overheating

Hi TSR968,

Welcome to the Community. Run the Dell 32 bit diagnostics, and run the extended test, use the below link for info. Make a note of any error codes and call Dell Tech support in your region and give them those error codes. If the system is too hot to touch please do not use the computer, turn off the computer and disconnect the power cable, and call Dell Technical support immediately.


Thank you


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Re: Studio 1558 overheating


I have the same issues with my Dell 1558 I5 450m Studio. This is a replacement unit for the Studio 1555 that Dell worked on three times without success.  Now I have the overheating plagued 1558.  I thought i was getting a great deal when Dell offered it as a replacement to the I3.  I've had it less than 9 months and its constantly crashing.  Temps running about 89 to 94 C when streaming podcast.  The computer is used for anything task heavy related.  It still runs hot.  I also ran that Dell diag tool that told me the hard drive was failing.  Error  was 2000-0146.  Wrong...totally wrong, but didn't find that out until I brought a new hard drive.  Call Dell three times in one day.  Because I don't have an extended warranty, everyone apologizes and offers to fix it. Of course, for a price.  I have it on a cooling pad which doesn't help.

You could try what i did. Select the power plan, go to advance and check the fan cooling settings. I made all my settings 'active' and also cut back on the CPU max power setting to 75%.  A ridiculous move, but that's all i have. It runs about 2 or 3 hours before shutting down. Why have a powerful computer that can't multi-task without overheating.  Not what I expected from a Dell, but I'll never buy another one.  BTW, I'm using my 2 year old Toshiba  I3.  No issues, barely warm even with all the tasks I have running.

I'll keep posting until Dell does something. I won't hold my breath.



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Re: Studio 1558 overheating

Hi !

Thank you for sharing your experience. You are absolutely right. This is due to powerful computer (mainly due to processor and graphic card). I am also experiencing the same experience with dell as you are experiencing. I bought this computer from India but I need warranty in Canada. When I called Dell Canada, they told me to call Dell India to transfer service tag. When I called Dell India, they asked me to call Dell Canada. I have also filled online International service tags transfer form a long time ago(2 months ago), but still nothing happened. Everybody apologizes, but don't help. I use my another laptop Compaq Presario CQ56, which contains T4500 processor, 4GB RAM  and it works perfectly, just becomes a little warm. There is no benefit of buying a laptop with very powerful processor and graphic card. You should buy a desktop which contains liquid heatsinks and fans, which will not overheat.



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