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Studio 1558 uses 100% CPU over HDMI

I have a Studio 1558 with  intengrated ATI Radeon 54 that used to be able to watch video files and streaming video over HDMI to my HDTV with no issues.

Lately, however, YouTube on IE9 and Chrome v31 (uses Flash of course), VLC player and Netflix (uses MS Silverlite) spike the CPU to 100% and lock the laptop up.

I've uninstalled and re-installed new video drivers from Dell site via Service Tag look up as well as from AMD ATI site (though the installer here fails even thought is shows this card as supported).

The re-install installed ATI HDMI audio drivers but noticed I also had Realtek HDMI audio drivers installed.  Uninstalled the Realtek to no avail.  Re-installed Realtek and unistalled ATI audio, no avail.

Also tried installing the earliest drivers available in C:\dell\drivers directory (there are 3 available + newest).

There don't seem to be any rogue processes stealing CPU cycles via Task Manager/Resource Monitor.  When it's YouTube, there are just a few chrome.exe processes chewing up CPU.  Same with IE9.  Have also re-installed Flash.

Windows Updates are all up to date.

Did my due dilligence on Google and this forum and there don't seem to be any solutions. 

Anyone have ideas?

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