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Studio 1558 won't wake from sleep or boot

I am unable to boot or wake up my Studio 1558 laptop. Here is everything that may be relevant to the issue.

  • I upgraded from Win7 to Win10 a few months ago.
  • The only issue I had after the upgrade was that coming out of sleep mode required a reboot a few times (but not every time).
  • About two weeks ago I put the computer in Sleep mode.
  • When I pressed power to wake it up:
  • The keyboard lit up
  • I hear the fan start
  • I hear the optical drive engage
  • I get a black screen.
  • I do not hear any beeps.
  • Pressing the power button again immediately shuts everything down.

Here is what I've tried to get a response:

  • Removed battery and AC then held down power button to discharge. Result: nothing.
  • Pressed Fn+F1 with an external monitor attached. Result: nothing.
  • Pressed D while powering. Result: Screen flashed different colors but didn't boot.
  • Pressed Fn+F5 while powering: Result: nothing
  • Created a Windows10 installation CD (on another computer) and tried to reboot so I could run Repair your computer. Result: nothing except now...
    • I can't eject the CD from the optical drive
    • Pressing D no longer flashes the screen

So I've tried everything I can find. Any help would be appreciated.

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