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Studio 17 Touch button action edit - registry change


First, I want to say that my touch sensitive buttons are working FINE, this is not an error thread like most of the others.  What I want to do is change what happens when I press the media button on the far left.  Currently mine does not open anything because I uninstalled the Dell media software, it was annoying when I kept accidentally hitting it.  I would like it to open iTunes when I touch it and I know it can be changed through the registry (regedit) but I'm not sure how. Anyone that knows how please let me know, Thanks


Also, if there is a way to make the buttons stay dimly lit all the time that would be great but I don't think thats possible. Its very hard to see them in the dark.

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Re: Studio 17 Touch button action edit - registry change

Hi Lance,

I was able to configue the MediaDirect key on a Studio 17 (Vista Home Premuim 64-bit) to launch my iTunes program via the procedure in the following link: http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=803584  The steps should allow you to launch any program.

The only change I had to make was placing my string value in quotes since the path to my iTunes contained spaces.

I'm with you as far as keeping the buttons dimly lit.  I'll keep looking - hopefully someone has a resolution.

Good luck with it.

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