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Studio 1737 Audio issues and soloutions!

I've owned a Dell Studio 1737 for about a year now and still have "niggly" audio problems! I no longer have the crackling audio issue that everyone had in the beginning...my issue is just plain bad audio! I have a very good external speaker system so I know it's not an issue with my speakers..I run all my audio through WMP and have used just the EQ option I have turned everything off..I have also used the EQ option in IDT which comes with my studio...I Previously installed The Sound Blaster Audigy cd that came with the studio but found after using it and it's options it just took up space and did'nt improve much! Most of my audio files are mp3 and are running at 320 kps which is cd quality but here's my issue...the audio either sounds a little distorted at times or sounds like it's "fading in and out" it's very subtle but I notice it enough for it to irritate me! I have tried everything including reinstalling my audio drivers etc...any ideas? Am I missing something? All answers will be appreciated!

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