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Studio 1749 :: Unable to launch Windows after a cold start

I purchased a Dell Studio 1749 laptop a few months ago. Since the purchase I have never been able to launch Windows (7 Professional) after a cold start.

Typically I have to power down the laptop, try a few times, go through Start-up repair and then launch windows before I get to the login screen.

I am able to typically restart and login without any trouble after this intial effort. The problem resurfaces once the laptop is powered down and I try a power up after an hour or so.

Thus far, I have contacted technical support multiple times and have gone through the following list of remedial attempts withOUT success:

(i) Run through all the diagnostic tests at startup

(ii) Reinstall Windows

(iii) Replace HDD

(iv) Replaced mother board twice

(v) Upgraded BIOS and drivers

(vi) Installed boot manager to allow me to select the sole OS (Windows 7) during boot up

The laptop has NEVER worked properly since the purchase and should be still under warranty.

I am looking for suggestions from any of you as to what else could be tested in order to understand the source of the problem and how does once go about fixing this. This has been an extremely frustrating and disappointing experience thus far. Over the past few years I have purchased a total of 1 desktop and 6 laptops but have never encountered something like this before. Very sad indeed.

Machine particulars:

OS = Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, version 6.1.7600 Build 7600

Processor:: Intel Core i3 CPU, M330 @2.13 GHz, 2 Core

Bios A03  (upgrade to A05 did not work either)

SMBIOS version 2.6



Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer.



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Re: Studio 1749 :: Unable to launch Windows after a cold start

Long shot but might be worth checking to see if the memory or CPU has issues. You can download a free bootable disk called ultimatebootdisk to help you.

Here is a guide to help you do these checks

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Re: Studio 1749 :: Unable to launch Windows after a cold start

I to have the same problem. I read a blog from another who has 6 or more computers and the fix was to remove microsoft security essentials.Have tried this and now the laptop starts but is very slow loading but no more problem.I have to wonder if windows7 and intel and dell techs can assist in an answer for this problem.

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