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Studio XPS 16 - Keyboard Issue / Duplicate Characters

Hi folks

Just curious if anyone else is experiencing the same thing with a new Studio XPS 16 (40) laptop keyboard. Despite tweaking all the advanced settings re keyboard, inc key strike filters / "bounce", repeat and delay rates etc, every fifth or sixth word (or sometimes more frequently), I keep getting double strike / repeated chaaracters in words where they shouldn't be, unless I type REALLY slowly, almost one key at a time (versus my normal 4-6 finger typing! ;-).

I'm pretty sure it's not my typing style, as we have 4 other different Dell laptops, plus a desktop PC with separate keybooard, and it never happens on any. I've also never had this occur in the last 15 years in using a whole variety of different laptops and PC's in the office. Soo I think it must either be something to do with the physical construcction of the Studio XPS keboard or the software driver. But it's driving me crazy having to go back and correct every other word in e-mails and doocs constantly. Interested to know if anyone else has had this annoyance, and if so and they cured it, how!?

(Reposted due to the thought police having removed my first post for the most innocuous of very mild frustrateed expletives. So sue me for being somewhat irritated at having paid $2,500 for a brand new laptop which takes twice as long to type on as my old one, due to constant manual error coorrrectioon - as it was clearly built with zero quality ccontrol! - Perhapss Dell if you put as much effort into QA and integration testing as keyword search bots and administrator policing, these forums wouldn't be ABSOLUTELY chock full of disgruntled customers wondering if they should have bought a MAC instead).

Thaat aside, any views, experience or tips from other aaffllicted users much appreciated.

Many thanks


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