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Studio XPS 1640-026B and Flickering Web Page Image Content

Todd S / Rob Hamilton / anyone experiencing the same,

I have a few questions regarding "throttling" issue on Studio XPS 1640-026B (OCT 2009):

Q1: Is this issue the cause of video problems like "web page image content causes display to blink rapidly as if trying to refresh the screen"?

Q2: Will a 130w adaptor help correct this issue on this XPS 1640?

Q3: Can a 130w adaptor correct the video display issue in Q1 above, without installing BIOS and software updates in Q3 below?
Q4: Are the BIOS, software and driver updates listed below compatible with Win7 (new re-install) on this XPS 1640-026B?
This Studio XPS 1640-026B laptop system was purchased just before Win7 became mandatory on all new laptop sales (at least from Best Buy) in October 2009. It had Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit. It has 16" WLED High Definition wide screen display and 512 MB ATI Radeon HD 3670 dedicated graphics. I first posted this problem In January 2010 with very limited response from the Community. I am hoping that these items will correct my current problems with this Studio XPS System and would like additional confirmations before I attempt any changes. This problem is becomming more noticable now that this laptop is being used more and more in viewing todays complex web page content. I have just recently seen, for the first time, a warning regarding a 72% usage of CPU1. There is no problem with older "static" web pages or CAD programs and typical applications. It is a very nice laptop that I hope to keep in service for the next few years.
Thank You in Advance,
Stephen F.
PS: my apologies if this is a duplicate post.

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Posted by RobHamilton on Fri, Mar 5 2010 2:25 PM

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posted by TODD S Mon, Feb 8 2010 10:59 PM
I have a quick update for customers who own a Studio XPS 1640 system.   We recently released an updated BIOS (version A14) for the 1640.  Similar to the updates to the Studio XPS 1645 and Studio 1747 we updated the algorithm that controls CPU usage on those systems.  We believe we’ve improved the efficiency of the BIOS to resolve issues customers may have been seeing with their processors being throttled by the BIOS.  
If you own a 1640 and want to improve your system performance then we highly recommend you perform the following steps.
1.       Update your BIOS to version A14 or newer.  
2.       Update your Dell System Software to version A05 or newer.
3.       Verify the Video driver is Version 8.631.0.000, A09 or later
Optional updates that we recommend as well include updating your video card driver to version A17 or higher.  
Once you have updated your BIOS, Dell System Software and video card drivers then we suggest you use your system under normal usage to see how it performs.   If you still feel that you’re experiencing problems with your CPU backing off due to power issues you can call Dell’s Technical Support to troubleshoot further.   
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Re: Studio XPS 1640-026B and Flickering Web Page Image Content

@SF sorry for your luck. You must be the only one on the planet to have this problem???



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Re: Studio XPS 1640-026B and Flickering Web Page Image Content

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Re: Studio XPS 1640-026B and Flickering Web Page Image Content

We finally determined that IE8 image flicker problem on Studio XPS 16 is most likely NOT associated with any power or power adaptor issue.

The "work-around" is to immediately Log Off then Log On after initial Startup and logon when booting to Win7 "mode".

XP or Vista "modes" have not been tested to see if the same image flicker problem exists.

Possible causes could be use of VistaBootPRO 3.3 and / or BIOS Setup setting ATA -- AHCI. It appears that the problem is the result of the order in which processes are executed during startup since it is corrected by immediate logon/ logoff/ logon after initial startup. VistaBootPRO 3.3 was installed to allow for multi-boot / the ability to boot to either one of XP, VISTA, or Win7 Operating System "mode".

The BIOS mode setting for ATA or AHCI must be manually changed when booting to XP vs. WIN7. ATA mode is necessary for XP, on this XPS 16 system, and AHCI mode is necessary for Win7: otherwise Blue Screen and Auto Restart is the result. It is possible that the need manually switch ATA-AHCI setting has something to do with the graphics drivers installed during initial re-format (this system was reformatted completely) after purchase. It was purchased the day before "universal" change from Vista to WIN7 on all new devices.

I believe it was necessary to "MOD" or MODIFY graphics drivers (during re-format) for ATI Radeon HD 3670 on DELL Studio XPS 1640 -026B because compatible XP and Win7 drivers may not have been available at the time (October 2009)

SF 01.21.2011


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