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Studio XPS 1640

I have (for some time now) some chronic heat issues with the laptop I bought in 2009, so I don't have high hopes and it'll probably get replaced soon, but anyway...

Idle temperatures of the CPU is 60-65C consistently, with no load on the cpu whatsoever. Under heavy load, the cpu goes easily above 100C (and shutdowns if I don't stop the load). Same issues with gpu, games run the laptop into the ground, some games I could play a year ago now make the laptop shutdown in a few minutes if not few seconds. I've opened the beast and cleaned up fans. I have the bottom of the laptop clear of obstructions, it's actually surelevated by a centimeter from the desk. I'm going to replace the thermal paste on the chips soon, and maybe buy a laptop cooler. But I was wondering if you had any tips on keeping the laptop cool with software. I'm currently trying to use rightmark cpu, trying to reduce FID or VID or throttle the cpu, but it doesn't help (still 60C idle). I looked into speedfan for fan speed control, but no dice apprently the fan is not recognized.

Any tips ?

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