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Studio XPS 1645 RGBLED Light Bleeding (Leakage), Red Tint, Extremely Hot AC Adapter, Throttling Issues, no SSD TRIM Firmware, and issues syncing iPhone.

I purchased one of the Studio XPS 1645 "throttling" laptops with the RGBLED screen (about a $200 upgrade) back in September 2009.  I finally received it mid-December 2009.  A few weeks ago I started noticing that the left and right sides of the screen were showing white light bleeding through in half circles.  I have added screenshots below of the issue.  I'm assuming this isn't normal.  This RGBLED screen is supposed to have 100% color reproduction but with the bleeding I know that the images displayed on the screen are not being accurately represented.

Also, last night I brought my computer out of sleep and then everything being displayed was colored/tinted red (pictures below).  After a full shutdown the red color problem went away but the fact that it did it once scares me that it'll do it again.

These issues combined with the throttling issues ( and make me very upset.  I purchased a laptop worth $2300+, which I had to wait 2 and a half months after purchasing to finally receive and it's not performing like it was advertised.

I am also experiencing slow performance with my 256GB SSD.  I have less than 15% free space which is reportedly when you start having performance issues with SSD drives that do not support the TRIM command (I am running Windows 7).  I used to load into games super fast, now I'm usually the last one in.  Samsung released a firmware upgrade for these drives that supports the TRIM command but Dell has not released it.  I paid $400+ to upgrade to this faster performer and now I'm seeing performance slower than a traditional 7200RPM drive.  Please release this firmware or offer an exchange of drives for one that supports the TRIM command.

I am also experiencing issues with syncing my iPhone with this laptop due to the fact that it uses the Intel PM55 Express Chipset.  This is another major issue that I've run into with this machine that impedes my day-to-day usability of my other electronics.

I might as well throw this in here as well; My underpowered 90W AC Adapter that was included with the system gets extremely hot when watching blu-rays, playing games, and sometimes just using the computer for simple tasks.  A couple of times it has gotten so hot that it has shut itself off and I have to wait until it cools down before it will work again.  I have a 1 year old that loves to crawl around the floor and when I'm using the laptop on my dinner table I am afraid that he'll touch it when it is extremely hot and burn himself.  I do my best to make sure it is out of his reach but since all plugs are near the floor he may still be able to get at it.  So far he has not touched it.  I was able to test a co-workers 130W AC Adapter that was sent with his business laptop and it barely gets warm when used on my system.

This has been a very upsetting experience.  I love this laptop but with the throttling issues, the adapter heat, and the rgbled screen issues, I cannot recommend it to anyone.

This is my development, gaming, work, family, movie laptop.  How can I get these issues resolved so I can use it as such?  I'm assuming I'll need to have the screen replaced but what about the throttling?  I could've purchased a much cheaper laptop with the same performance.  I dealt with Dell "Support" way too many times during the 2 and 1/2 month wait that I really don't feel like wasting more time trying to explain all of this to another "support" person.  Please help me get these issues resolved.  I don't want to have to return the machine and go back to using a home built desktop.  The laptop gives me freedom I've never had but at the cost, a working desktop machine that performs as advertised may just be the only alternative I have.

I believe all Studio XPS 1645 users should be compensated for the fact that our systems have performed way below the advertised specifications and way below the cost we paid for them.  We all know that  technology gets cheaper as days go by.  First, the 2 and a half month wait before getting the system.  Secondly, throttling that cuts performance by over 50%. I paid for a machine that 4 months after being released is still not performing like it should.  I feel cheated.

You can view the original size images and a .mov of the bleeding issue at:


Red Tint:

System Order Specs:

1    224-6716    Studio XPS 16 Notebook
1    317-2361    Intel Core i7 720QM 1.6GHz (2.8 GHz Turbo Mode, 6MB Cache)    $0.00
1    317-2364    4GB, DDR3, 1333MHz 2 Dimm    $0.00
1    320-8332    16.0 inch Wide Screen 16:9 1080p Full HD RGBLED LCD, W/2.0 MP, XPS 1645    $0.00
1    421-1010    Dell Webcam Central v1.4    $0.00
1    421-0188    Facial Recognition    $0.00
1    320-8350    ATI Mobility RADEON HD 4670 1GB    $0.00
1    341-8982    256GB Dell High Performance Solid State Hard Drive, 2.5MM    $0.00
1    320-8351    Obsidian Black High Gloss Finish    $0.00
1    421-1205    Microsoft Windows Vista HOME PREM 64-bit Edition    $0.00
1    420-6576    DELL WELCOME,Software Dimension/Inspiron    $0.00
1    330-5460    DELL RESOURCE DVD,BACK-UP,XPS 1645    $0.00
1    421-0323    Windows Live Search,Multiple User Interface    $0.00
1    421-0187    Dell Support Center Software 64 Bit 2.0    $0.00
1    420-6436    PC-Restore, Dim/Insp    $0.00
1    420-9100    Dell Dock Consumer    $0.00
1    420-7938    Dell Connect 2.1    $0.00
1    310-8628    You have chosen a Windows Vista Premium System    $0.00
1    421-0092    DELL-DOWNLOAD-FLAG    $0.00
1    430-3605    Integrated 10/100 Network Card    $0.00
1    410-1883    ADOBE READER 9.0 MULTI- LANGUAGE    $0.00
1    313-8729    4X Slot Load Blu-ray Disc (BD) Burner (Writes to DVD/CD/BD    $0.00
1    420-8161    Roxio Creator 10 Premiere Blu-Ray, Factory Installed    $0.00
1    421-1583    Cyberlink Power DVD 8.3 Blu-Ray Disk Playback    $0.00
1    313-8546    Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi MB    $0.00
1    430-0737    Intel WiFi Link 5300 802.11AGN Half Mini Card    $0.00
1    410-2087    McAfee Sapphire MUI, 36-Month    $0.00
1    312-0950    9-cell Battery    $0.00
1    412-1397    No Productivity Software requested    $0.00
1    950-3338    2 Year Limited Warranty    $0.00
1    905-6418    Dell Limited Hardware Warranty Plus At-Home Service, Extended Year(s)    $0.00
1    905-5637    Dell Limited Hardware Warranty Plus At-Home Service, Initial Year    $0.00
1    905-3971    Banctec Next Business Day In-Home Service after Remote Diagnosis , 1 Year Extended    $0.00
1    906-5380    Banctec Next Business Day In-Home Service after Remote Diagnosis , Initial Year    $0.00
1    412-0360    Soft Contracts - Banctec    $0.00
1    902-0941    Warranty Support,1 Year Extended    $0.00
1    960-8710    Warranty Support,Initial Year    $0.00
1    988-7707    2GB DATASAFE ONLINE 1.1 FOR SDO/DIM/INS/XPS    $0.00
1    420-9518    DATASAFE ONLINE 1.1 2GB    $0.00
1    988-0099    To activate your online backupaccount, go to Start, Programs, DataSafe Online    $0.00
1    330-0171    S and P Drop-in-Box Marcom forDHS Notebooks    $0.00
1    430-0700    Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth Module (2.1+EDR)    $20
1    420-9800    Dell Remote Access free basic to access your PCs from outside your home    $0.00
1    993-1919    Dell Remote Access, free basic service - access your PCs and files from outside your home    $0.00
1    462-3239    Thank you for choosing Dell    $0.00

I look forward to having these issues resolved promptly.

Thank you,


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Re: Studio XPS 1645 RGBLED Light Bleeding (Leakage), Red Tint, Extremely Hot AC Adapter, Throttling Issues, no SSD TRIM Firmware, and issues syncing iPhone.

UPDATE: All issues have been resolved.  It's very nice to be able to use my laptop for the intended purpose without having to deal with issues/performance problems.

I'm creating an issues list with the status and info on each.

1. RGBLED Bleeding and Red Tint (Resolved😞

Info: Replacement Laptop Sent which I then had to move the Blu-Ray Burner from mine and image the SSD drive over.  There is a tiny bit of bleeding from very extreme angles but it is no longer noticeable when head on or with images being displayed on the screen.


2. Hot AC Adapter (Resolved):

Info: Purchased 130W adapter which only barely ever gets warm.  Received another one from Dell to fix throttling issues, so now I have two, which I needed anyway.


3. Throttling Issues (CPU throttling resolved, GPU throttling workaround)

Info: BIOS A07 seems to have resolved the majority of the throttling.  Now I'm experiencing GPU throttling which occurs during normal gameplay when GPU reaches 84C+, but using Zalman NC2000 cooler and forcing the GPU to 675MHz using RivaTuner I don't get throttling nor the high temperatures (MAX of 82C)):


4.  No SSD Trim Firmware (Resolved):

Info: Replacement Laptop with TRIM updated SSD Firmware received and imaged from old drive.

5.  Issues Syncing iPhone (Resolved):

Info: Bios A06 resolved all iPhone syncing issues.




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Re: Studio XPS 1645 RGBLED Light Bleeding (Leakage), Red Tint, Extremely Hot AC Adapter, Throttling Issues, no SSD TRIM Firmware, and issues syncing iPhone.

Hey John,

Did they fix the bleeding problem. I experienced this as well and requested screen replacement. I was also experiencing screen flickers.

Now flickers seem gone and the bleeding is less noticeable, but it is still there. But have another problem on hand. When on white background I can see in some screen regions it is pinkish and in another it is greenish. Very strange



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Re: Studio XPS 1645 RGBLED Light Bleeding (Leakage), Red Tint, Extremely Hot AC Adapter, Throttling Issues, no SSD TRIM Firmware, and issues syncing iPhone.

My issues have been resolved.  There is some slight bleeding at extreme viewing angles but nothing compared to before and not noticeable when something other than a black background is displayed.  I have no discoloration as you mentioned.


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Re: Studio XPS 1645 RGBLED Light Bleeding (Leakage), Red Tint, Extremely Hot AC Adapter, Throttling Issues, no SSD TRIM Firmware, and issues syncing iPhone.

Should have read all this before as I just purchased on of these today will get it hopefully by end of month. Hope the fact that these issues ocurred early this year, they will have been taken care of by the time mine is put together. Keeping fingers crossed.


Re: Studio XPS 1645 RGBLED Light Bleeding (Leakage), Red Tint, Extremely Hot AC Adapter, Throttling Issues, no SSD TRIM Firmware, and issues syncing iPhone.

Aha!  It's nice to know I'm not the only one experiencing these problems!  I've had my screen (and, most recently, the motherboard as well) replaced 3 times already!  The last time I spoke with a customer service agent, they said that they want to replace my computer (fine enough) but they don't have the Studio XPS m1640 (my model) in production anymore, so they would have to "upgrade" me to a variant of their newer XPS 17 models--but the rep. couldn't tell me the spec's yet--I have to wait a few more days to find out.  I'm a little worried, though, because in looking at the specs currently advertised for the XPS 17, not only does it not have the RGB LED screen option (which was a major impact on my decision to go with Dell in the first place), but it is also only 900p, instead of 1080p--a rather large down-shift in resolution.  I'm going to be very annoyed if they can't give me an equivalent screen to the one I have now.

We'll see what happens.