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Studio randomly changing color? Help!

I have a Studio that I purchased this summer.  Recently, every so often, the screen will change.  The best way I can describe it is that the contrast is changing...any color close to white (light gray, light blue, etc.) will suddenly appear white.  I can barely make out the "Help and Support" link on my start menu and when I have tabs open in Firefox I can barely distinguish them from the background (I have a light gray skin on my Firefox).  I assumed the issue had something to do with running on battery power, since that was where I noticed it happen first, however today it did the same thing while charging.

I tried dimming the screen because that was initially what I thought the issue was...that snapped the display out of it once, other times it has corrected itself, but the last time I restarted my computer to fix it.

What could be going on??

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