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Suggestion: Component exchange - Need/Have- Need e1705 graphics card

So many Nvidia laptop e1705 problems.  So we know now the GeForce 7900 & 7800s are faulty.  And that a replacement is an ATI CG 108.

How to get one?   My computer is 3 1/2 years old -- out of warranty but new enough to last another 2-3 years.  Hey, the Toshiba I'm typing on now is 6 1/2 years old and perfectly fine.

I'm not paying $200. for a 30 day warranty refurb lousy 128MB ATI when the whole computer isn't worth $300.

Isn't there ANYONE out there who has an e1705 waiting for the e-waste pile?  That did not have a video problem?   I bet the Dell e-waste depot has one.  OR 3,000!!

I'd also like a bluetooth component, without having to pay full retail.

Oh yeah other suggestion:  It is not worth my time to set up another userid/password to sign into Idea exchange, and then be in a different area.  So make idea exchange part of the forum and eliminate the sign-on bs.

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