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Super long start up page process (Dell Inspiron N5030)

I turned my laptop off the other night after normal boot up and sht down and i went to turn it on today and after about 15 mins to get to my password page, I have waited a full hour or more for my start up page to load fully. There are no running sounds within the laptop that i usually heard and at the bottom right of the page, there is a note that says "Windows 7, build 7601, This copy of Windows is not genuine". I just bought this laptop last Feb and this is all shocking. Everything works normally i suppose on the non-genuine copy, but i would like to get back back to my original copy if possible and get back to my normal start up time of 3-5mins or less. Please, does anyone have any suggestions or answers?

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I had a friend who had that happen, years ago.  It confused the heck out of technical support, as there was no documentation on how to handle a valid Windows suddenly going invalid.  Obviously the tech could not help my friend to reinstall Windows.  It got escalated twice, and finally a supervisor sent a new hard drive fully loaded with all the original software sold with the computer.  If you are within your year's warranty, you could try that.  Just keep persisting, and ask for supervisors, and let them come up with their own answer.  I wonder if you'd get a push-back if you SUGGESTED a new fully loaded hard drive, as they may not make fully loaded replacement hard drives any more, like they used to.  Just persist for resolution, if you're under warranty.  Once a problem is identified, you'll usually keep on getting help, even if the resolution takes longer than the existing warranty period to resolve.  I would push on the "invalid" part harder than on the slow startup issue.  It is possible that pushing on either issue would also solve the other, but pushing hard on one issue will more easily get a sympathetic tech response than pushing on the other.

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