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Support Assistant Driver Auto Detect Issues with my DELL XPS9350

Major issues with Dell Support Assistant .(SA)

I purchased a USED Dell XPS 9350 and wanted to make sure the Drivers were all up to date.

So I dwonloaded the Auto Detect and got a list of 2 drivers that needed to be updated;

One was SYSTEM Bios and one was Wireless 1820.

I checked my BIOS using the WIN 10 Sytem info and it was Version 1.4.18

The Support assistant showed the same Ver that needed to be updated??? WHY!!

Next I checked the Device Driver NETWORK 1820A wireless broadcom . ver was 1.566.0.0 date 1-4-2016 .

The Auto Detect showed a driver was avaialble with the same ver 1.566.0.0 A03 dated Sept 14, 2016. So ithought that this would be an update worth while.

The 1820A Wireless card has been PROVEN to have very bad sensitvity and I found that to be true in comparison to my other Dell Laptops.

So I deceided to download and install that DRIVER .

While the Driver was finished downloading and ready to install I I noticed a new date showing a date of JUNE 4, 2016 , I have no clue why the Date changed.

So since it was still a later version then the one I had I decided to update my WIRELESS Driver.

After it updated the Driver I went back to my DEVICE Drivers and low and behold it was exactly the same! Ver 1.566.0.0 with a date of 1-4-2016 .

My question to DELL SUpport is! WHY is this happening?? Why does the Support Assistant show indicate that new Drivers are available , which are the same as the prelsent drivers already installed!

Could it be that that who ever is in charge of that system neeeds more HELP to keep the SA viable for Dell users???

With regard to the Wireless drivers , I should not see 2 different Dates before applying the update, and then I should see the newer driver installed, but the dwonload left my Driver exactly the same!!!

THe SA needs to be corrected so as it is accurate for what it is suppose to do.

Please let me know what alction Dell intends to do regarding the SA. Issue.



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RE: Support Assistant Driver Auto Detect Issues with my DELL XPS9350

Thank you for your message.

We will be glad to look into this for you.

What is the version of Support Assist installed on your computer?

Do you have Windows 10 (Dell image) installed?

Please uninstall Support assist, restart the computer. Complete all Windows updates & then install support assist from this link again.

For my records, please click on my Dell username & send a private message with the service tag, registered name & email address.

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