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Switching off XPS1530 screen

HI guys, Im new to this forum and need a little help wit my new XPS1530 notebook.

For info I currently have the system running with a Kensington usb notebook expansion dock with video - which allows me to have all my periferals (mouse, keyboard, printer, speakers and external moniter) connected to the notebook via one usb cable.

First question - I often download torrent files duing the night, and would like to be able to leave the notebook running, but with the screen switched off (to pevent any screen burn). I believe this can be done via the  Control Panel / Power options / Choose when to turn off the display / Edit plan settings. Its from there that I'm having problems.

As a test I tried seting the 'turn off display' items  for both 'on battery' and 'plugged in' (the notebook is generally allways connected to the mains) to 1 minute, but the screen doesnt switch off after the allocated time. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a function button that would allow me to turn off the screen?

Ive managed to set the 'Choose what closing the lid does' to 'do nothing' , so that the notebook does not shut down or hibernate when i close it , but it would be good to  be able to press a button or two to turn off the screen

Any suggestions would be appreciated


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