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System freeze , Dell Inspiron 7537

Hi I've been having this random issue which I I'm not sure where it originates from.

I own a Dell Inspiron  7537 .

Recently it started freezing when left inactive, and rarely while in use.
I also noticed it freezes and if left alone turns itself off after activating Dell SupportAssist.

Based on a previous post I tried opening LogGrabber.exe , but the same thing happened.
I ran diagnostics and so forth (safe boot and windows) everything should be fine.

There is also a catch. After the freeze (and then me force shutting it down through the button) the clock goes 1 hour forward, sometimes 2 hours.

At the start of all of this I thought the clock messes up and puts itself 1 hour forward, but when unsuccessful mases my system freeze.

Any ideas?

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