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TB16 Dock blocks I2C/DDC communication to external monitor


I just received the TB16 dock, using with a Precision 5520 with Ubuntu and an P2415Q external monitor, and am happy with them, except for one regression.

In the past I've adjusted the brightness of the monitor with a command-line program that talks DDC over I2C and it works great changing brightness between morning, afternoon, and night modes.

I purchased the TB16 for the main purpose of providing a single cable connection to everything. But, when I connect the external monitor to the dock the DDC command signals are blocked (or not relayed). In short, I need a second cable to control the monitor.

This defeats the main purpose of the dock, and it is quite expensive for the other features, I certainly could spend less than $300 on a second power supply and usb hub. :-(

The question is then, is anyone aware of this problem, is it possible to be solved, and will it at some point in the future?


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