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TPM Lockout period E5570


I am trying to find similar information like this ( http://www.dell.com/support/Article/us/en/bebsdt1/SLN80373/EN ) about the Latitude E5570 laptop.

Tests show that the TPM is locked after 15 incorrect PIN entries but the lockout period is indefinit. So we need to manually reset the lockout period using the TPM owner password. I was wondering if this behavior could be modified to for example a lockout period of 8 hours.


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RE: TPM Lockout period E5570


Below are links for resolving TPM issues.

Resolving a TPM error seen during BitLocker encryption on a Dell PC

Reset the TPM Lockout

BitLocker – Too many PIN entry attempts

How to Clear the TPM Chip of any previous Ownership Credentials

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