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Re: Tablet Touchscreen Died : Latitude XT : NtrigApplet Can't connect to driver

Okay, so we ordered a new Latitude XT about 2 weeks ago, and it arrived last week. Out of the box, I get the N-trig driver applet failure. So I try the old uninstall, reinstall bit. That doesnt work. I didnt want to have to reload the system (just finished getting it tweaked/loaded) so I called Dell and had them troubleshoot me.


First, I got a very nice and sweet lady who was very patient and thorough in trying to assist me. She had not seen the issue before, but had heard about it. We walked thru a variety of steps and trial/error processes. My problem was also escalated to one of the higher ups do to the fact we're a college and talked to our local rep.


Here's what I got and hopefully this will help you out...


If you are loading your system from scratch, download the latest N-Trig application from Dell's support page. Should be marked 7-15-2008. This is the only 100% verified working application I am aware of.


If you already have your system loaded, and dont want to reload it like I did, this is what I did to get mine working. This may/may not work for you, but I hope it does.


First, download the latest version of the N-Trig Application from the Dell site (7-15-2008 is the date) YOU DO NOT NEED THE N-TRIG DRIVER. DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR INSTALL IT.


1. Boot the system up in safe mode.

2. Login and open up the device manager

3. Locate the N-Trig hardware (should be 3 items listed)

4. Uninstall the hardware from the device manager then close the device manager

5. Go into Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the N-Trig software

6. Reboot

7. Boot back up in safe mode and login

8. Open up the registry (Start, Run, type in Regedit)


10. If you should see an N-Trig folder in the software list, DELETE IT... (if it uninstalled right, you shouldnt)

11. Now, go ahead and reboot the system and let it load normally.

12. Once your system has rebooted and logged in, cancel the new hardware found message.

13. Run the N-Trig application install (pay close attention to the first part)

14. If the application installs correctly, it should be updating some drivers and take what seems to be a long time to install.


Once I did all this, it worked just fine for me... 30 consecutive reboots in a single day no failures. It also went thru about a dozen reboot/shutdowns on a previous day.


I hope this helps anyone out there...


***Forgot to add, this was on Vista Ultimate SP1***

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Re: Tablet Touchscreen Died : Latitude XT : NtrigApplet Can't connect to driver

I have XT running Windows XP Pro & SP3 (my employer won't allow Vista).  I have same NTrigApplet problem.  Have been totally unsuccessful installing NTrig application and drivers to correct problem.  I've downloaded various N-Trig driver installer versions from Dell Support and have tried all of them, including process detailed by DevilsReject97, but without success. 


In Device Manger, there are 3 drivers listed under "Digitizers".  First 2 are labeled  "N-Trig HID interface and seem to be correctly installed.  Third driver simply says "USB Device" and its icon is overlaid by an exclamation point in a yellow circle.  I'm assuming this is the problem driver.  No matter what I try, I can't get this driver to update correctly.


When I boot the XT, Windows XP generates multiple notices in the lower right corner about "New Hardware Found" "N-Trig Digitizer" and tries to load drivers, but always fails.  Attempts to direct the driver installer to a folder containing the drivers in the N-Trig installer package don't help.   


Exceedingly time consuming and frustrating.  The tablet screen simply doesn't work.  There's some touch functionality, but inductive(?) pen functionality almost totally missing (with pen, cursor appears on screen and can be moved, but can't tap to click/select.


Hard to believe Dell hasn't weighed in on this issue.  From the number of post, it looks like it's been out there for a chunk of time.


Thanks in advance for any help!


NOTE:  This is my first time using the Forums.  If I'm not doing this correctly, feel free to correct me.



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Re: Tablet Touchscreen Died : Latitude XT : NtrigApplet Can't connect to driver

This was sent to me by a Dell Rep, and they were very adamant that you had to install the drivers in this manner for the issue to resolve itself. Apparently the N-Trig software has issues with certain burning software and Itunes...


Here are the drivers listed in the order they need to be installed after the base load: 


 Dell™ Notebook System Software
ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 Graphics Driver
N-trig Digitizer Driver
Fingerprint Reader Driver
Broadcom® 570X 100/100/1000 Integrated Controller
Wireless Mini-Card driver (if applicable)
IDT® STAC 9205 Audio Driver
Dell Touch Pad Driver
Bluetooth® driver (if applicable)
Dell QuickSet utility
TUSB3410 USB to Serial Controller

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Re: Tablet Touchscreen Died : Latitude XT : NtrigApplet Can't connect to driver

I ended up returning my XT to Dell with the problem unresolved. I don't have iTunes installed, and the reps keep saying "we should bench-test these units" but of course a multibillion dollar company like Dell is obviously lacking in resources to do such a thing.


The problem and methodology for a fix is firmly in their court. After 6mo they can't deny the issue exists.

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Re: Tablet Touchscreen Died : Latitude XT : NtrigApplet Can't connect to driver

I followed all the instructions posted by DevilsReject97.

This did not fix the issue.  Also if you follow his instructions you will need to make sure

you remove the application first because the software is so buggy that the uninstall

program will crash if it does not detect the n-trig hardware first.  I really think

this might be an issue with the driver or firmware/hardware at this point.


In addition,  I also agree with a previous poster that the finger print reader has

never worked correctly on my system.  I contacted wave support and they admitted

to me on the phone that the current version dell has on their website is not stable and

they have a version  The problem with this version of the driver is that it

has not specifically been tested on the latitude XT for issues.  So it sounds like Dell

needs to get their act together and fix both of these issues or a c&lass a$ction l$aw s@uit(forgive me dell won't let me post those 4 words)  may be in their future.  Maybe it's not such a good idea for them to e-mail us with the entire dell support chat conversation every time I contact them via their chat program.

Ha ha!


Oh yeah dell's support denied that either of these issues have been reported by other

customers.  This attitude I find really offensive.  It's almost as though there is no communication

with their vendors or there is some sort of big cover up going on so they can avoid a mass


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Re: Tablet Touchscreen Died : Latitude XT : NtrigApplet Can't connect to driver

Hay manquaman and other latitude xt users. i updated to the multi touch stuff like latitude xt2 has. anyway, i keep getting the error NtrigApplet - Can't connect to driver: Failure to open Device too.

And also, i already had microsoft 07 and i was doing a diagnostics test. Microsoft 07 comes with daignostics to check problems with the program. Any way, i needed an update for it and when i updated and restarted and everything, pen and touch screen stopped working. And my tablet settings wouldn't open up.

i decided to chat with dell. The first guy siad how may i help you. i told him what the error said and he ended the session. Then i talked to somebody else and he said we have to connect you to del gold support. i waited an half a hour and no response. then i chatted with someone else and he said, we have to connect you to gold support. I said the last guy made me wait 30 min. he said he will do it quick. he lied. then i finally chatted to a lady. she connected to my computer through with dellconnect and manually reinstall ntrig drivers but it didn't work. then she quickly jumped to saying, "we have to replace your screen". Im like, what! She said if that doesn't work you need to back up your system and reinstall the operating system. yah, im ganna lose and my programs and virus protection because of this. she said it would arrive in 2-3 days and we will call you to set up a appointment with you when it comes.

I watch this channel QVC, some of you probably heard of it, (Channel 15) and they had a back up thing called Replica, it backs up files AND programs. I had it somewhere and i found it im gonna use it now. the screen should be here by today or tommorow.

plus, these kids don't know what there doing. (I know that was a kid because she told me to give my number so she can contact me while im rebooting)

So, if this happens to you, go to this link

this is for QVC, you need to make an account. QVC is channel 15 on optimum cable. i dont know the channel for other companys.

it says no longer available but it might be coming on during Christmas. Thats when i got it. OR you can get it at or

QVC also has other great products not just for computers, but everything, TV's, cooking, Sports, Jewerly, etc.

Hope this helped if you had to back up your system so they can replace your screen.

If you have and easier solution instead of replacing the screen, post it quick.


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Re: Tablet Touchscreen Died : Latitude XT : NtrigApplet Can't connect to driver

Hay! I don't have digitizers in my device manager. I must have deleted some how. So what order to do i install them


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Re: Tablet Touchscreen Died : Latitude XT : NtrigApplet Can't connect to driver

Hay! Great news for you itunes users. You don't have to delete your itunes anymore. Just go to this link provided by

Scroll down to Itunes error message

do what it says

hope this helped

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Re: Tablet Touchscreen Died : Latitude XT : NtrigApplet Can't connect to driver

Hi. Its Thecoolest. I am so happy. My computer suddenly stopped saying the error and the touch screen is working. I downloaded a software called FRAPS. You make movies with it. But i didn't like it. So i created a restore point for Sunday November 22, 2009 9:00 AM. I started to restore and it said your disks needs to be checked for consistency. So it checked them and then it restored. Then i noticed at the bottom left hand corner of the screen, where the programs are, the n-trig picture was there. i wuickly took out my pen and tried it . It worked.

Restore didn't do it because i tried that when i had the problem and it didn't work (or did it):emotion-2:

Maybe you should do a system diagnostics and check the problem and then reboot your computer. When you do diagnostics, do every test for every piece of software and look for the problem with n-tirg. It should show a problem.

Hoped diagnostics should you the problem.

(P.S. if you see the problem with your n-tig or any problems, write down everything the computer tells you to. The error code and everything. It well tell you to call dell support. I usually chat with dell.


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