Tech Support at its Worst.

We have a machine that was in need of repair. After doing the remote diagnosis Dell sent a tech out.

They tech verified we needed a new part, and instead of calling it in for us, he had us do it.

Dell Tech Support has been giving us the runaround now for 2 days. The tech on site verified all of the parts needed and what the problem is. TS wanted to re-diagnose, and will not send the part without us jumping through hoops. They ask for something and say "no worries, we will be sending the part", then an hour later get an email saying they need another piece of info.

The tech who went on site should have had the part delivered to us. We should not have to spend countless days arguing with TS to get a part that is under warranty, and clearly in need of repair, replaced.

We need resolution on this ASAP. The tech support rep has wasted enough of our time.

<Service request number removed>

Thank you.

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