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Terrible Customer Service and Unresolved Problem

I purchased a Dell Inspiron 5547 back in mid-November which I had problems with directly out of the box. The trackpad would intermittently stop working for several days at the time. I contacted support immediately (within the first 21 days) and expressed my discontent and requested a return/exchange, which was denied, and instead I was instructed to have a Dell rep remotely log in to my machine and re-install the trackpad drivers. The rep told me that if they weren't able to fix the issue that a return would be no problem.

As this issue is intermittent and the trackpad will work for days and then not work several days later, it was impossible to confirm whether or not this fixed the issue. Unfortunately, it did not. I contacted support once again and they connected remotely, reinstalled drivers, and also had a technician dispatched to replace the trackpad.

The technician replaced the trackpad but did not put the back of the laptop on correctly, causing even further frustration. I called support once again and they assured me that yet again reinstalling some drivers for the trackpad would definitely fix the problem. Of course, it did not and I was still not offered the option of returning the product.

This was extremely frustrating so I stopped calling but as I began to realize that this laptop had frustrated me to the point that I wasn't even using it anymore I went ahead and reached out to your customer service once again via e-mail, thoroughly explaining my issues. 

I first spoke with a representative named Rajesh who was extremely rude and was asking questions of me that I clearly explained in my initial e-mail. I patiently answered his questions until he began getting rude with me and then requested to speak with a supervisor. He then stated he did not have a supervisor and had no one to escalate me to. I persisted and he eventually scheduled a call back with his supervisor but hung on me before sending me an e-mail confirming the scheduling of the supervisor call as I had explicitly requested.

I then spoke with his supervisor Vijay who again was fairly rude but did listen to my explanation further and had more patience than Rajesh. Both representatives abruptly told me that my request to return the laptop for a different model was not an option and the option for  a refund was also not an option, even though the initial representative clearly stated it was. Vijay was also unwilling to review any calls so that he could hear the representative state that a return was an option if they were unable to resolve the issue and stated that he would not be able to assist me other than having me send my computer in to the depot to have it checked again by a technician.

As the issue is intermittent and the trackpad will work for several days and then not work randomly, I feel that this is a complete waste of my time. I assume that they will receive the computer, get the trackpad working for some time, send it back, and then I will find that the problem continues. I am completely unimpressed with the service I have received from Dell (I have been a customer for 10+ years in both a personal and professional environments, completely satisfied until now) and I will continue to seek appropriate resolution to this matter through whatever channels are necessary.

I am reaching out here in hopes that someone will be able to assist or guide me to a more helpful support channel that is actually interested in keeping me as a Dell customer. If that is not an option then I will cease using Dell products altogether and will be sure to not suggest Dell to any friends or associates.

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