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Thank You Dell....

I've got to say a big thank you Dell, for not having a whitelist of wifi network cards.

I Inherited an old Dell Inspiron 15 N5050 from my mother when i gave her my old Home Built 3rd Gen i5 desktop, when i built a new Asus ROG 7th gen i7 desktop for myself recently, not being much of a laptop guy, but a build it yourself desktop guy. (dying breed?)

Though I had already added more RAM (Stock 4GB to 8GB) and an 250GB SSD (stock 500GB HDD) a while ago for my mom to use in the laptop for better performance.

But after i got it was tired of the slower wireless N speeds, did some research and found out that, unlike HP and Lenovo and who knows who else only allows certain certified wifi adapters to be placed in the unit. Knew that from work, working with laptop repairs. 

Picked up an Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260, popped it in, and both bluetooth and wifi work like a charm, 866 Mbps, that is not bad at all. a huge boost from the old stock Qualcomm N that was in there.

Now if the Sandy Bridge Integrated graphics in the second gen i3 was actually fully compatible with Windows 10, that would have been great. but i'm content with using the generic accelerated Microsoft provides. HD videos still play smooth, and now will play smoother over my network with the new wifi card. I'm guessing that's the reason Dell does not officially support Windows 10 on the N5050.

Thanks Dell, if i ever need to buy a new laptop, id be looking or recommending to others a Dell.

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RE: Thank You Dell....

Hi tony1979,

Thanks for posting your results so the other readers of the Forum can find a resolution to their issues.



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