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The Village Idiot

Bonjour! Bon Soir! Bon Appetit! Bon Jovi!

Recently someone told me: "Somewhere you are depriving a village of it's idiot." I thought about that for a while, and then I realized that the Delltalk Community had not heard from me in a while. So this must have been the "village" they were referring to. So I decided to stop by.

Life progresses very well, if at an ever-increasing pace. Work is getting busier, and my waist is getting larger. Otherwise, things haven't changed much lately. I cannot speak for the forum, as I have not been here in a while, and don't stay very long when I bother to show at all.

We recently had an ice storm roll through town, which was memorable for the fact that it left me without power for 2 1/2 days. Had to check into a hotel just to take a shower for work. They are predicting another possible ice storm this weekend. Hope it's more fun than the last one.

Christmas approaches, and I have asked Santa for a new system to replace my P233. Santa said some rude comment about Christmas trees and dark places, and then passed out from what I suspect was blood loss to his legs from my sitting in his lap. I'm thinking that Santa may not come through this year.

(Continued on next post...)

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RE: The Village Idiot

The annual holiday party for work was announced this week. Just in time for Christmas, it will be held on January 12th, at the County Line Barbeque restaurant. Boy, nothing says Christmas like January 12th and Barbeque. And if you have to ask why, then you're not from Texas.

Neither am I, which is why I asked "Why?"

Various people here at work have been purchasing some of the new games coming out. Mechwarrior 4 is nice, but requires a lot more oompf than my computer can provide in order to run it. I have to settle for back-seat driving at my friend's place. But the game is nice.

C&C Red Alert 2 is kinda cool. The Longest Journey should be called the Longest Install because the full installation takes 2 gigs of HD space. And it's not worth a quarter of that either. Warlords looks interesting, supposed to be similar to Warcraft in design. But I think I will just wait for Warcraft 3 instead.

Ok, so I have rambled enough for now. I think I have fulfilled my quota of idiocy for the day. If anyone would like to contribute some of their own, they are always welcome. And for those of you who don't know me, ask around. I will be happy to deny any rumors you may hear.

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