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The horror story of Dell Support

I purchased two almost identical Dell XPS laptop, one 15" and one 13", for the purpose of back up each other.  If one computer is down, the other is still running.  The 15" runs fine, the 13" with the same hardware set up is full of problems.  The 13" wireless keep drop in and out of the wifi while the 15" has no problem at the same location.  The 13" keep have this notification "dell update ready to install".  After the install, the computer is crashed 5 times with blue screens.  Both computers are 3 months old, and I asked Dell to send  a replacement while they could repair the 13".  I keep sending them the pictures of the crash blue screen. But they refuse to send me a replacement.  Dell insists they will send a technician to my place for the repair.  That means I cannot work for that day: I travel and visit client as my job.  I have worked on it for 4 hours. How many hours do I need to work to fix the *** computer?

I will keep everyone posted of this.  And every time when the computer crash, I am going to make a call and ask for replacement.  Lets see how many times I should try to get any answer.

THe above was an old post.  the following is what happened next 2 months:

October 27th. called Dell about the wifi signal dropping problem,, spent 4 hours with Dell Technician, trying to update firmware. end up cause more problem. Had to turn angry and demand an escallation of the case.

October 30th , a on site repair ticket generated.

October on site repair performed. The technician visited me said: the problem is Dell used the cheap "killer" wifi chip, he replaced the Intel wifi chip, the signal dropping problem is gone.

November 12th, computer started to multiple case of blue screen crash.

November 13th, bluescreen crash, I started to take picture of the crash, for evidence in case for future legal action.

November 20 bluescreen crash

November 20 reported bluescreen to Dell, demand to have the computer replaced/repair/return.

November 21-December 18  bluescreen crash daily

December 17th initiated a "depot repair"

still crash daily

December 19th, crash and cannot boot the computer for 5 hours.

still crash daily

Jan 4, repaired by Houston center. come back the computer cannot boot at all.  System demand Bitlocker recovery Key, which I have no idea I even have one.  I suspect Dell mixed up the harddrive when they replace the motherboard.

On the phone with Dell for 6 hours, been kicked back and forth between different department of Dell, hardware, software, customer support; been kicked between Dell and Microsoft, they blem each other. Customer support said it is hardware problem, hardware guy says they cannot do anything ask me to contact Microsoft, Microsoft insist it is not their product.  And every time I was kicked to the next guy, on hold listen to music average 20 minutes.  Spent 8 hours on my phone today.

One trick I learned: when call Microsoft, if you state you are "home user", you will be told to go on line and "good bye" no matter what key you push. I failed to get to a real person for 6 times.  Only way to talk to a real person is say this very loud to the computer voice :"what the *** do you not understand", the phone would click to a real person.

What a shame.

any thoughts:

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