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The laptop that wouldn't restore - Backup/Recovery problem

I have a Latitude E6530 running Windows 7. Backstory: a couple of years ago we tried to upgrade it to Windows 10 but it had problems with the network so I rolled it back to Windows 7 -- and that happened three times. (Long story)

So I want to wipe and reinstall everything to factory settings but the Backup and Recovery gets to the Confirm screen ("You have selected to restore your computer...") and then churned for hours -- overnight in fact.

How can i get this process to work? 

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RE: The laptop that wouldn't restore - Backup/Recovery problem

You could try looking at this article here but it sounds like you have done the correct steps for a Factory Restore. Another thing worth trying might be seeing if Diagnostics show anything (drive issue etc). One other thing is seeing if you can download the restore files located here (sometimes it might not let you but it is worth a shot). This type of USB boot option might make it easier to access and successfully run the system restore. 

On a side note, do you know if you activated Windows 10 when you did the free upgrade? That might be an option if you do not have a copy of the Windows 7 OS and cannot get the restore to work. For example if the system did activate you could always retry a clean install of 10, using an ISO from Microsoft. Obviously I would only do this as a last attempt since the restore will not be available after a clean install.

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