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The power up problem and hibernation problem is back in my xps 15

Few days ago i had a problem where i had to press the power button many times(the power light blinks on momentarily on some presses) to turn on the laptop.After turning on the laptop(after several attempts to power it up) the laptop goes into hibernation after 3-4 minutes and keeps on going on hibernation even if i start it again. I was told in this forum that this two issues(power up+ hibernation) are not inter linked. After that i disabled the Nvdia graphics card drivers and ran the system with inbuilt intel graphics.. Both problem(power up+ hibernation)  got fixed. But after 2-3 days both the  problems are starting again.Since both the problems arises together i seriously believe this two are inter linked somehow. 

So,i ran hardware diagnostics and got these error s:

1.teat result:fail
Msg DISK :no suitable media

2.Test result: Device initialization error

error code:5D00:0009
Msg: UUTUSBTM_DEVICE_Initialization_failure_User must

I am really not sure what these error codes implies.

So my questions are-

1. What is the meaning of these error codes?

2.Is there some problem with my video card.If yes do i need to replace my mother board as it soldered to the motherboard? (any alternative is highly appreciated as this option is really costly)

3.Is it a problem with windows?If yes i will format my system.

4. Why there was no problem for 2-3 days when i disabled NVDIA graphics.?

Please help me!!

P.S- I tried the static electricity drain out process but nothing happened. 

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