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Too disappointed with my dell 14z ultrabook

I purchased this ultrabook year 2014 and it worked really well until one day, right after the warranty expired!!!

I brought it to the technician but the only solution they have is to change the motherboard. OK, after less than 2 years its motherboard is already bad. Is that possible? What could be wrong? My old laptop worked for almost 6 years, and this dell ultrabook is just less than 2 years. Too disappointed!!!  I spent so much money for nothing.

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RE: Too disappointed with my dell 14z ultrabook

The mainboard is newer notebooks is basically everything inside the system - CPU, GPU, i/O chips -- even in some cases the memory for the system.  They can and do fail for any of a host of reasons.  Unfortunately, as more and more parts are now integrated onto mainboards, the chances for failure increase, as does the cost of repair.