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Touchpad function missing on Dell Inspiron 15 5559

I'm running windows 10.  The touchpad on my new Dell laptop has ceased to function.  There is no touchpad tab in the Mouse Advanced Settings Options.  I've downloaded the touchpad driver.  There is no Fn key associated with the touchpad.  Anyone know how I can get this working?  It worked when I first purchased the laptop one month ago.

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RE: Touchpad function missing on Dell Inspiron 15 5559

If you haven’t yet I suggest running diagnostics and check if the touchpad is operational when testing.  You can also test the touchpad while in the BIOS or see if it works after turning on the notebook and before Windows boots.  If the touchpad does work outside of Windows then the touchpad is not defective.  

See if you can turn on the touchpad

  • Windows 10 is installed:
  1. In the Search box, type touchpad.
  2. Touch or click Mouse & touchpad settings (System settings).
  3. Touch or click the Touchpad toggle to turn off or on the Touchpad.


      1. When there is no Touchpad toggle look for Additional mouse options at the bottom of the page.
      2. Touch or click Additional mouse options.
      3. Touch or click the Dell Touchpad or ClickPad tab.
      4. Touch or click the link, Click to change Dell Touchpad settings, there may be a option to enable or disable the Touchpad.

Completely uninstall the touchpad drivers, look in control panel, programs and look for Synaptics touchpad and uninstall it. Once the drivers have been uninstalled and the notebook restarted test the touchpad, does it work now? Download the latest drivers from here and install them and see how it goes.

If you continue to have problems please let me know.



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