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Touchpad won't turn off

At some point in the past couple of weeks I did disk clean up and a defrag of my computer. On the same  day windows did an update. Ever since then my Touchpad has been on and I can't uninstall the drivers. When it does I get message in red saying I can't. I have an Inspiron 17 7737 with windows ten. Help.

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RE: Touchpad won't turn off

Try pressing FN and F3 together and see if that disables the touch pad.  If there is a touch pad icon on the right of the task bar right click it and choose touch pad properties.  There may be a green button that you can use to turn off the touch pad. 

From your post you mentioned that you have tried reinstalling the drivers themselves, but if not you can download the windows 10 touch pad drivers here

If the problem continues you may want to try system restore to a restore point saved before the problem.  here is more information on system restore

Please let me know if the problem continues. 


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RE: Touchpad won't turn off

Microsoft has said that the touchpad can't be turned off permanently. Even if one unistalls the driver, the next time one starts the machine, Windows reinstalls it. There is a solution. Buy an Apple.