Toughbook 12V power adapter

I recently purchased a Del Latitude 7202 Toughbook.

At same time purchased 12V power adapter.

The adapter was shipped separately.  SKU 469-4546.  The power plug did not fit computer.

It is too fat.  Spent 4 hours with tech support and they told me the wrong part was shipped.

They said they would send a replacement.  10 days later I get a package with an HDMI cable in it.

Call support back, was told they would just issue me a credit and I can purchase one online.

I was told I needed part.  450-AAYR.  Web page for that part lists the 7202 as compatible.

It arrived yesterday.  Still doesn't fit.  I am returning it as well.  

What is required to get the correct part?

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RE: Toughbook 12V power adapter


Thank you for writing to us.

Please private message the order number along with the email id, so that we can check and help you accordingly.

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