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Track pad malfunction

This laptop was purchased on 8/12/2014. I haven't noticed any issues with it until recently.

My trackpad is having some problems. I didn't notice it until it became worse... And worse... Even when I am not touching the pad the cursor jumps around and will even click on random objects or highlight objects on the screen. After rubbing the pad a few times it seems to settle down temporarily but then acts up again minutes later. This trackpad problem seems to worsen every day. I'm fairly careful / cautious with my devices. I have not dropped it or damaged the laptop in any way. I don't understand why it's acting the way it is. 

Is there any way this can be repaired? Or do I just have to shut off the trackpad permanently? 

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RE: Track pad malfunction


May I know the exact model of your Dell laptop?

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RE: Track pad malfunction

Hi AzureD,

I would suggest you to update the touchpad drivers on the system for issue resolution. Please enter your service tag # on the link below and click on ‘Get drivers and downloads’ then download the touchpad driver from ‘Mouse, Keyboard & Input Devices’ section onto the system and install it.


Also, I would advise you to download and install the ‘TouchFreeze’ software from the link below and check for issue resolution.


Please let me know if this helps.

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