Transferring an old Dell laptop Inspiron 1520

Tomorrow I shall be handing over to an old friend an Inspiron 1520, which uses Windows Vista Home Basic, and has Microsoft Office 2003 installed.  We are both UK resiidents.  However, unlike me (we are about the same age, 70) he has no practical experience of owning a computer, and I must assume he has hardly ever used one.  What advice should I give him on getting started, particularly on such matters as getting connected to the internet?  I shall be supplying him the Dell customer services phone number, plus the model number, service tag and express service code, but not much else. 

As a Which? subscriber I can probably give my friend the latest recommendations about Internet Service Providers, and may be able to find a list of hardware suppliers and software geeks in his home town.  What else should I be doing to ease the transition? 

William L

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Re: Transferring an old Dell laptop Inspiron 1520

There's not much you need to do other than remove your personal data from the system and perhaps restore the OS to factory condition.

All warranty and support from Dell other than by web will long have expired on this system, so other than transferring it into your purchaser's name, there's nothing else you need to do.

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Re: Transferring an old Dell laptop Inspiron 1520

Hi William L,

Should you feel the need to transfer the ownership on to his name, ask him to use this link: http://dell.to/135xvyQ

There are several reputed Internet Service Providers in UK like BT Plusnet, Virgin Media, Sky Broadband and Orange, however he needs to check who can provide home broadband service in his area at a competitive price.

This is a good read for a novice computer user about 'How to get started with Internet': http://dell.to/19fp8JH

Thanks and Regards
Satya P
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