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Trouble Connecting External Monitor - Dell XPS 13 9360

I just recently purchased an adapter from Amazon HERE...

After going through the run around with customer support, my issue is still not solved.

I am trying to connect an external monitor through HDMI via the adapter linked above, but an unable to solve the issue.  My laptop recognizes the external monitor is plugged in, and is functioning as you would expect with an external monitor (i.e. two screens, dragging between two screens, etc...).  However, it seems as though the laptop is not sending any video output to the external monitor.  

I have updated all drivers and installers that were recommended to me by Dell customer support.  Additionally, I had changed a setting in the BIOS to disable some sort of USBC or Thunderbolt 3.0 security, as per recommendation in the comments of the linked (above) product.

Any suggestions?

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RE: Trouble Connecting External Monitor - Dell XPS 13 9360

If possible, test the TB/USB Type-C to HDMI adapter + HDMI to HDMI cable on another computer to verify functionality. We never tested that CableCreation adapter. You could try testing this one.

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