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Trouble with Inspiron 14R and iPhone headphones (w/ mic)

Has anyone had problems using iPhone headphones (the ones with the microphone) with their Inspiron laptop? On my girlfriend's Inspiron 14R, if you push the iPhone headphones all the way in, the sound quality is terrible, but if you pull them out about 1/2 mm they sound fine. This problem does not happen with regular headphones (left and right channels only, no microphone). However, on my Inspiron 15R, the iPhone headphones work just fine when they are plugged all the way in.

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Jim Coates
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Re: Trouble with Inspiron 14R and iPhone headphones (w/ mic)

I don't have an answer to that. Tech support and the  manuals do not use the same model names that the sales site uses, but if 14R & 15R are N4050 and N5040/5050 then I cannot see any obvious reason for a difference. Maybe it is a defective jack.

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