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USB 3.0 only achieving USB 2.0 speeds (Inspiron 5521)


I have an Inspiron 5521 (i7). It has two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports.
However the 3.0 ports aren't achieving any higher speeds with compatible USB 3.0 HDD's and Flash disks. I was previously able to achieve USB 3.0 speeds.

My Device manager shows the hardware for USB 3.0. However when I check "My Dell" for system details it only lists USB 2.0 devices.
I have updated all drivers, firmware and BIOS and software.

I am also having trouble accessing the My Dell program(pcdlauncher) and it does not launch in compatibility mode, instead I have to launch it directly from its install folder from another file (uaclauncher). Once My Dell is open it doesn't allow me to access certain links however is still able to run diagnostics.

Anyone else with 

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