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USB connectivity on TB15 dock is intermittent and other issues

I recently got the TB15 dock with the 180W power supply and there seems to be a lot of issues USB connectivity and some other minor issues when used with a XPS 13 9350.

I have noticed the following:

  • Every 60 seconds or so any keyboard and mouse plugged into the dock lose connectivity, one right after
    • It does not matter which port they are plugged into 
    • I've tried several keyboards and mice that are known to work perfectly when plugged directly into the laptop 
  • On arriving at the Windows 10 login screen, sometimes either the mouse or keyboard is not recognized
  • Several USB thumb drives seem to work fine.  More testing is needed with USB HDDs
  • Single HDMI connection to a 3440x1440@50Hz monitor works fine
  • Single DisplayPort connect to 3440x1440@60Hz monitor works fine
  • When using headphones on the front port, there is noticeable echo/delay

Before using the dock I had made sure to :

  • Update XPS 13 to have the latest BIOS listed on the support site (v 1.2.3)
  • Verify all other drivers were installed and up to date
  • Install all the drivers listed under "docks/stands" on the support page
    • Made sure to update the Thunderbolt firmware and install the Thunderbolt Controller Driver before the others in the list
    • Verified in Device Manger the correct version of the drivers were installed.

Video, Ethernet and Power of the TB3 connection to the laptop all seem to work fine.  As a work around (hopefully temporary), I am using a USB 3.0 hub plugged directly into the laptop so I can use a mouse and keyboard while docked.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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RE: USB connectivity on TB15 dock is intermittent and other issues

I have an XPS 15 9550 and have the same two USB issues that you mention.

I have already updated all drivers.

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RE: USB connectivity on TB15 dock is intermittent and other issues

I'm beginning to think there is a fault in the TB15 180w. With all the latest patches (as of today) the device would randomly disconnect all attached devices including two 1080p monitors (one HDMI, one DP), mouse, keyboard and internet. The whole time including during the disconnections the Intel Thunderbolt app is still saying the cable and dock are connected.

When feeling the case the TB15 is running very warm. Everything I tried gave me the same results.

Until that is, I unplugged my HDMI cable and plugged it directly into my laptop (XPS 15 9550). Within minutes the TB15's case temperature dropped and is now stable. I'm beginning to think the TB15s are overheating and crashing. 

Dell, why is there no venting on the case?!!

Dell XPS 15 9550 - 16GB - PM951 500GB SSD - GTX960

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RE: USB connectivity on TB15 dock is intermittent and other issues

We have just bought 2 XPS 15 9550 with TB15 docks and having exactly the same issues.

Have all the latest drivers installed including the latest firmware.  Pretty much makes this dock useless.

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