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USB ports stopped accepting *most* but not all, devices. Not media devices, but will accept Ext. drive..

I LOVE dell d600's. I know they're ancient now, but they are such reliable, wonderful machines, they are what products should be, capable, dependable, durable....functional, relatively hassle free.

I've owned about 4 d600's at this point and have been responsible for many of my family members buying them, they rock on my budget...simple.

So my problem is that, and this has happened with at least one other d600, and that problem fixed itself 'randomly', my USB ports stopped working..'randomly' with my media devices like my insignia media player, my hacked iphone 3g, asus tf101 tablet and other things. BUT, it will however work with my western digital external hard drive and with this little SD card that sort of 'snaps' in half so it can be plugged directly into a USB port. In other words, the pattern I seem to be noticing is that it won't accept media players, but will accept storage disks, or at least that seems to be the pattern.

When I plug a storage device like my ext. drive in, it makes the 'usb installation' noise, and I'm good to go, the disk is listed under 'My Computer'.

When I plug a media player in to the USB, it seems like it's making a noise similar to the 'usb installation noise' but almost like it's doing it twice in a row, OR perhaps it's the sound of simultaneously installing and uninstalling the device.

What is the difference here that is keeping one family of devices from working, while welcoming strictly storage devices openly?

I can't think of any other pertinent details but let me know if there's anything you can think of, thanks!

I have run searches for this problem but my keywords don't seem to be yielding anything useful, I'll keep looking in the mean time. Thanks in advance!

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