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Ultrabook getting to hot please some buddy help

Hi guys i have cori7 14z inspiron ultrabook , suddenly my laptop is getting very hot in few hours if i put hand near the fan  too  hot air comes and the body is hot to , but more hot near the processor 

when my hard disk was crashed so i open it then see the fan was working fine but the motherbord is get hot  specially nearest part of  the processor 

its not the fan  problem , my warranty is expired , is there anything i can do , 

what i replace motherboard or processor , from where i can get the parts ,

my mother model is 

dell version a 13 model is ofj7h9 

Please some buddy help 

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RE: Ultrabook getting to hot please some buddy help

I had the same problem, but after removing dust from the inside it works just fine. Although the fan was working it prevented cooling. I recommend trying that first, there's a manual at the dell-page how to open it, and it really needs just a screwdriver... 

here's how to do it: 


My advice:

  1. Buy a laptop cooler which is like a plate placed under the case enabling it to get further airflow.
  2. Change the HDD to a more proper brand such as Seagate or Maxtor.
  3. Keep the HDD at least 40% empty.
  4. Defrag once a week.
  5. Do not use laptop on bed, or lap (so that the airflow intakes are not blocked).
  6. If you are using it on the table and not mobile for a long time, use it without the battery (remove it).
  7. Backup data regularly, because it will keep on crashing.

BTW my default idle values are:
CPU: 68C
GFX: 76C
GFX Load: 0%
HDD: 40C

Loaded Values without cooling pad:
CPU: 82C
GFX: 89C
GFX Load: 68% (while playing wow).
HDD: 55C

Loaded Values with cooling pad:
CPU: 61C
GFX: 68C
GFX Load: 68% (while playing wow).
HDD: 46C

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