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Unable to install new Sound driver for Dell Inspiron 5559

I need to install the sound driver in Inspiron 5559 (Windoe 8.1Pro )but i am here unable to unistall the old one one, I have uninstalled all drivers for sound but when I restart it was not deleted. How to delete it by regedit for the same model. so that I can install the new one or it detect it by ititself?

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RE: Unable to install new Sound driver for Dell Inspiron 5559

Open the Device Manager and expand the Sound...Controllers category. Find the Realtek High Definition Audio and right click on it. Select to uninstall. Put a check in the box to delete the driver software. Restart the laptop.

Go back to Device Manager. If you see Realtek again it means that there was an older version of the Realtek driver on the hard drive. When Windows removed the newest version and you restarted the laptop, Windows found the older version and installed it. Just repeat the removal process. Keep doing it until all versions of the driver have been removed.

When you go to the Device Manager and you see "High Definition Audio Device" instead of Realtek Audio, then all of the Realtek audio driver versions have been removed. Do not remove the High Definition Audio Device.

Jim Coates -- 16 years on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

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