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Unable to install windows 7 UEFI fail

I'm trying to install Windows 7 x64 on my Dell XPS 13 (currently on Windows 8 x64 & got nVidia driver memory leaks, that's why I'm downgrading) but once I enter te UEFI and select my USB device to boot I get a black screen with a white blinking text indicator. And nothing happens it just stays that way until I reboot or unput the USB device.

Thought it could be a USB 3.0 problem but USB 2.0 ports dont work either. I have done manny OS intalls before never had a problem like this...

System Specs: core I7-4770k CPU Z87-G45 MSI motherbord Corsair PRO series (2x4GB @ 1333Mhz) RAM series 830 samsung (128GB) SSD GTX 770 MSI GPU HX650 corsair PSU

Maybe someone has a fix for this problem, or I'm missing something stupid..

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RE: Unable to install windows 7 UEFI fail

Win 7 is not Secure Boot capable.  Depending on how the Bios is set up, it may indicate one of several things but will not boot if Secure Boot is enabled.

The SP1 version of Win 7 is capable of booting as UEFI but because of recent bios updates you may have to set the bios to see Win 7 as Other OS.

How did you create the USB device and how is it formatted?

And, normally an older OS will not install over a newer one.


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