Unfulfilled Delivery Date

I ordered an expensive DELL laptop trusting the delivery date given on their website (13 days later).

As the confirmation email I received did not show all details of my order, I followed up 3 days later to check them and found out that the laptop would be shipped from the US to Canada, where I live, and that there might be a delay. I asked them to stick to the delivery date and was told that I should receive an email as soon as the item got shipped.

A week later there was no email, so I phoned again and was told this time the laptop was actually being assembled in China and that should take time. I told them any delay was their responsibility and that they should make up for it by, for instance, shipping the item via express mail. I even spoke to one of their supervisors and, in spite of some reluctance on his part, I was left with the impression they would take care of that.

The end result is that the laptop arrived at the Purolator sorting office in Canada (not even my place) one day after the delivery date. I phoned Puralotor and they said there was a option to expedite the delivery but DELL did not choose it. I was told they never do.

I am very disappointed with how careless this company appears to be towards a new customer regarding their delivery commitment and wonder what will happen when I need them for repairs. Not sure if I should have chosen a competitor instead.

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