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Unidentified Network problem

Good evening all


I have just received a new Dell Inspiron N5030 and it has developed a network problem.  Initiallly the wireless internet connected to our home broadband network with no problem and worked for approx three days.  It then dropped out of the network and came up with a 'Unidentified Network' issue, I have spent a long time on the phone to O2 the provider, and Dell support , India I think, who tried various things in the 'run' section.  I am using Laymans terms as I am vedry inexperienced with this sort of thing. THe internet does not connect even with the cable plugged in direct now.  It seems to be something to do with me needing to be linked to the 'home' network and not a 'public' network as the internet connections is present but I cannot access it.


I hope I have made a little bit of sense and someone can help!

Regards, Neil

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other laptops and a mac are enabled and working fine using this network.  from what i can see it is down to some settings on my new laptop alone....unfortunately....have you come across this ' unidentified network' problem has a park bench icon ?

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I too am having the same problem after everything was working fine know I get the prk bench with the unidentified network.

Any answer?

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