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Updated to bigger hard drive

A hard drive in a Dell Insperon 1545 I'm working on went out and I replaced it with a Western Digital 500gig drive.  I restored Windows Vista using the restore Cd I created with Dell Datasafe .  Now when I run Windows update it give me an error.  I cant even upgrade Defender.  or install Windows Essentials.  This is not the first drive I replaced but it is the first time I recieved this error as I usually get the system after the drive dies


Any help wll be greatly appreciated

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Re: Updated to bigger hard drive

Windows defender is not upgraded anymore. Its Microsoft Security Essentials now.

Download the Huge 500meg Vista Service pack one stand alone install.

 Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Five Language Standalone - Microsoft


You will be sorry if you do.

Install that then reboot.

Then Download The monster Vista Service Pack 2.

 Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista ... - Microsoft

Then install that and reboot.

Then download Microsoft Security Essentials.

And install.

Then download 58 more windows updates and reboot 42 times more.




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Re: Updated to bigger hard drive

I forgot to mention that it already has Service pack 2 installed.

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