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Upgrade Dell Inspiron 7559

Hi Everyone,

I have a new Dell Inspiron 7559:


I use it for work, mainly translation tools, and also for some ocasional gaming (Witcher 3, Cities skylines, etc.).

So I was thinking on maybe upgrading it a bit, but as I´m on a budget I can only afford upgrading the ram up to 16GB or to buy an SSD of 250GB, what would you suggest to upgrade?, which of both would have more impact on the performance?.

Thank you very much!

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RE: Upgrade Dell Inspiron 7559

If it's running a conventional (or hybrid) hard drive, the SSD will make much more of an overall impact than the memory upgrade.

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RE: Upgrade Dell Inspiron 7559

I just bought the i7559 a few weeks ago with the same intentions as you. I upgraded the ram to 16 and purchased both Samsung 850evo ssd's. The 250gb m.2 as well as a 500gb 2.5inch to replace the stock 1T hybrid drive. I installed the m.2 yesterday and cloned the stock hdd to the m.2 using Samsung migration software. It was so easy, just watch the tutorial on YouTube. The speed did increase at least enough to be noticeable.  This morning I replaced the hdd with the ssd. It was a simple swap out, no muss no fuss. Now I myself have a few questions that I am going to post about how to proceed from here. Samsung magician software is used to "set up" their ssd's. By the way the ram upgrade did nothing for the speed but I'm not a gamer.

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