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Upgrade Processor Dell 15 5558

Please help me, can anybody tell me. What I can upgrade my laptop Dell 15 5558 Core i3 upgrade to Core i7 ? if can how much i spend to do it ?

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RE: Upgrade Processor Dell 15 5558

You can't change just the CPU - it's permanently soldered so you must swap out the entire mainboard.  It looks like the boards with i7s run between $225-300 depending on speed and whether or not you want discrete video or integrated.

If you now have a 65W PS, you'll need 90W or 130W for an i7 board depending on integrated or discrete video, so add another $30-50 for a power supply.

If you're moving from integrated to discrete video, the heatsink assembly will need to be replaced - add another $30 for that.

If you can't swap the parts yourself, add $100-150 for labor - so all in somewhere between $400-500 to upgrade.

parts-people.com should have the parts.

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