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RE: Upgrading Inspiron 1545 from Win 7 to Win 10

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I just started using my laptop again after 5 years. I've had it since 2009 gave up on it in 2010 when i had an ac adapter issue, and no money to fix it.

I'm running Dell Inspiron 1545 bios A14 with windows 10  Home build 14393. Originally windows 7 Home then windows 10  Home build 10586. For the must part I'm have no issues. Expect that my computer bios is now denying the fact that there is even an internal bluetooth radio. my work around for this was buying an external usb bluetooth adapter from dx.com (only cost me 5 bucks) and it works wonderfully.

My PC runs slightly faster and smoother than when I had Windows 7 Home. I found that drivers that Dell denied having updates for my system beyond 2012/2013. Windows/Mircosoft had driver updates for 2013/2014 and if I remember correctly 2 updates for 2015. and installed them automatically. However there won't be any driver updates for my model, as it is so extremely outdated in computer years. 

I saw somewhere online in my research that using the dell driver utility disk would scan you system for installed devices/drivers. I also saw that restoring the Bios might fix this issue. However, I don't want it to take my windows 10 away and I'm afraid it might so I haven't tried that option yet.

I know this answer is a bit late. However, I just saw the post when researching another topic and I felt I needed to say something. Either for you or the somebody else with the same question.

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