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Using Dell Inspiron 15-5568 in tablet mode - how to pull up a Yahoo email message

I just bought an Inspiron 15-5568.  I put it into tablet mode and I'm trying to pull up an email in my Yahoo Inbox using IE.  I double-tap on one of the email messages in my inbox to pull it up.  Instead of pulling up the message, the double-tap zooms in the entire IE screen.  Another double-tap zooms it out again. I've tried a number of different operations to pull up an email message but nothing works.  I can get a context menu to appear next to a message but there's no option to Read or View the message.  If I was using a mouse, I would double-click the message and it would come up.

I reviewed the user guide but it's not of much help.

Can someone please tell me how to pull up an email message in Yahoo or Google Mail with an Inspiron 15-5568 in tablet mode?  It seems like this should be very simple but it's not.

Thanks in advance.

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